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Yokohama 709ZL Front Axle Light Truck Tire

Yokohama has recently launched its new truck tire for a front axle of your vehicles. The tire was unveiled at Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) and features the unique tread picture, which is coupled enhanced rubber compound and fuel-efficient performance.

The new tire is equipped with continuous shoulder ribs, curved grooves and Z-shaped sipes to add extra stiffness to the tire’s tread. It is done for better wet traction as well as for lower rolling resistance, the latter being vital for your vehicle’s lower fuel consumption, which can save you expenses on fuel as well as reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Yokohama 709ZL was worked out with the help of the company’s Zenvironment technology that combines latest achievements in the sphere of casing design, the tire compounding and patterning.

Rick Phillips, Head of Yokohama marketing Department, says that it is the combination of innovative rubber compound and original tread picture that makes the tire different from any other one. He also points to the fact that Yokohama engineers manage to create one of the best fuel-efficient light truck tires.

Yokohama 709ZL will be available in the end of 2012 in 295/75R22.5 and 11R22.5 sizes.

Yokohama Geolander G055 New Summer Tire for Sport Utility Vehicles

Yokohama has lately launched the new Geolander G055 summer tire for crossovers, entry-level and medium-duty sport utility vehicles that gain more and more popularity all over the world. It offers eco-friendly performance alongside with excellent traction on both wet and dry roads.

The tire benefit from the company’s BluEarth innovative technology that presupposes the use of the Nano BLEND compound with orange peel oil, which coupled with the tire’s lightweight construction, ensures unsurpassed aerodynamics and low rolling resistance.

The rolling resistance was lowered to result into your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and a lower level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. There’s a BluEarth sign on the tire’s sidewall to indicate its “attitude” to the environment.

Yokohama Geolandar SUV G055 shows reliable wet operation and a low level of noise. It is available worldwide in 27 sizes ranging from 205/70R15 96Н and 245/50R20 102V.

The Geolander lineup has been approved by drivers for their high-quality performance. There exist the Geolandar H/TS and A/TS for powerful SUVs, and the Geolandar M/T+, I/T+ and I/TS for wintertime driving.

Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS High-Performance Passenger Tire

Yokohama has lately launched the new premium-class tire for passenger cars. It’s the first tire from High-Performance segment to combine excellent all-season grip, superb acoustic comfort, reliable handling, eco-friendliness and a long life span.

The letter ZPS in the tire’s title translate as “Zero Pressure System.” This is the popular Run-Flat technology that helps you stay on the safe side I case of a picture and allow you go on driving for 50 miles at a speed of 50 mph.

The tire features unique sidewall shape to keep them stiff in case of pressure loss while special rubber compound minimizes heat let out, which also prevents from sidewall deformation. The AVID ENVigor ZPS is also equipped with the ZPS Bead wire to prevent the tire from demounting.

The tire’s rubber compound is enhanced by silica elements to reduce rolling resistance and lower your vehicle’s fuel consumption as well as improve wet performance and prolong mileage. Furthermore, tread blocks are arranged in such a way so as to minimize noise level.

There you can also see monoblock tread areas, slant grooves and weather-adaptive sipes, which results in truly all-season operation.

Yokohama AVID ENVigor ZPS appeared on the markets on the February 1st in five sizes. It matches such passenger vehicles as BMW 3- and 5-series, Lexus GS and SC, MINI Cooper, etc.

Yokohama Geolander SUV New Tire

Together with an eco-friendly BluEarth-A tire Yokohama has unveiled a new model for sport utility vehicles. The Geolander SUV tire will appear on the market in February 2012.

The company states in its press release that the type of cars the tire is designed for becomes more and more popular nowadays. So called “off-roaders” and sport utility vehicles can manage cross-country terrain but in the essence they are intended for use on city roads and highways.

The new Yokohama Geolandar SUV tire offers car owners unsurpassed comfort in combination with fuel efficient operation and a high level of driver and passenger safety.

The tire has low rolling resistance. It was reduced by 16 per cent as compared to Geolandar H/T-S G051. At the same time, the tire braking distance was shortened by  16 per cent while noise level appeared to be 21 per cent lower than that of the tire’s predecessor.

Yokohama Geolander SUV is branded with a “BluEarth” marking on its sidewall to indicate its eco-friendliness.

Yokohama BluEarth-A New Eco-Friendly Tire

Yokohama has unveiled its new eco-friendly tire at an auto show in Tokyo. The tire continues the company’s BluEarth lineup and features reduced rolling resistance. Yokohama Blue-Earth-A is going to hit the market on the 27th of February.

The new eco tire is designed for you to enjoy your trips any time thanks to its enhanced maneuverability and comfort. Its high quality is proven by the marks it got in Japan. It was given A for its rolling resistance and B for wet traction.

The numbers speak for themselves. The tire’s braking distance was reduced by 20 per cent in comparison to its predecessor, which improves your safety when driving over wet pavement. At the same time, it reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption by 4.4 per cent while noise level is lowered by 0.5 dB.

Yokohama BluEarth-A is compounded under the Nano Blend technology, worked out to provide for excellent wet traction, long wear and low rolling resistance. Moreover, the tire’s profile is optimized towards heavy loads as well as makes it possible to mount it on powerful cars.

The tire can be mounted on various petrol-driven and hybrid cars and suits using with luxurious sedans well. The Blu-earth line-up also includes commercial BluEarth RV-01and BluEarth AE-01 passenger tires.

Yokohama Launches One More “Orange” Tire

On a car show in Los Angeles Yokohama unveiled its new tire, the Avid Ascend one. It continues the company’s lineup of innovative tires featuring orange peel oil in the structure of its rubber compound. In Yokohama press release the tire is promised to deliver excellent handling all the year round coupled with a long mileage and low rolling resistance.

Alan Holtschneider, Manager of Advertising and Events for Yokohama, says that the company has brought to the Los Angeles car show the greatest quantity of products for the entire company’s history.

In addition, the Yokohama representative pointed to their new product, the Avid Ascend tire. It is the first time it appears in North America while being the first tire with orange peel oil in its rubber compound to be put to mass production. The eco-friendly technology doesn’t only use natural materials – orange peel – for the tire, but also provides for its low rolling resistance, which reduces your vehicle’s fuel consumption and hence, ensures that lower amount of harmful substances are emitted into the atmosphere.

Speaking about the Los-Angeles show one should also mention that its visitors can see interactive “glass” windows as well as several tuned cars with their own eyes there. It will help the public find out more about Yokohama activities in the field of new technologies.

The first tire made by the company from orange peel oil was the dB Super E-spec tire. The Avid Ascend tire, in its turn, is scheduled to appear on market next March.

Yokohama W.Drive V903 All-Season Passenger Tire

Yokohama W.Drive V903 is an eco-friendly quiet tire for passenger vehicles. It is intended for use with mini-cars and delivers excellent traction and handling all the year round regardless of weather and road conditions.

The tire compound is molded into an all-season universal tread picture with deep central grooves and dedicated snow platforms inside them to ensure precise wintertime handling. At the same time, the platforms help you easily identify when the tire is too warn to safety use it in winter.

There’re 4-mm tread wear indicators in shape of arrows on the tire sidewalls, the arrows pointing to snow platforms. It means that the tread should be at least 4 mm deep for the tire to deliver reliable performance on snow and slush.

Yokohama made the W.Drive V903 from special rubber compound to ensure its excellent low temperature resistance and makes it endure temperature fluctuations well. “Flexible” polymers in its structure help the tire remain resilient and soft in cold weather while micro-silica elements provide for tread stiffness when the weather is warm. There’re special linking elements that stiffen the tire although it is made from soft polymers.

Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S is the Best Buy of the Consumers Digest Journal

Consumers Digest journal considered Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S GO51 and GO52 tires to be the best buy of the year. The former is al all-season tire for sport utility vehicles and pickups while  the latter is a SUV and pickup tire belonging to performance segment.

The tires need to undergo a series of intependent tests conducted by the company to gain this status, as well as consumer feedback is taken into attention.

Dan King, Yokohama marketing vice-president, points to the high quality of the company’s products. He says that both Geolandar H/T-S tires are unique ones and the company is proud about the fact that independent researchers value them so highly.

The Geolandar H/T-S G051 and G052 ensure excellent durability and reliable handling in various weather conditions and road situations at the same time delivering smooth and comfortable running. The tires come to equip wheel rims measuring from 15 to 22 inches in diameter and feature even abrasion and long mileage.

The tires are equipped with powerful lugs to enhance driving stability and ensure a firm cornering grip.  Their tread surface is covered by cross grooves, which helps them easily deal with snowy and icy terrain in wintertime while tread blocks feature good noise-cancelling ability thus providing for exceptionally quiet operation.

Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051 is a sporty one in comparison to its counterpart. On the inside, it includes durable steel belts and nylon-enhanced sidewalls, which makes it reliably operate at higher speeds. Furthermore, the tire’s non-directional tread picture and its high-tech casing profile ensure precise steering response without compromising on driver and passenger comfort.

Yokohama ZEN 903W Eco-Friendly Tire with Wintertime Performance

This September Yokohama unveiled their new truck tire for commercial use on various kinds of cargo truck vehicles and vans. The tire is available in seven sizes to equip a great number of dedicated vehicles.

The new ZEN 903W is designed for most severe wintertime conditions with frequent snowfalls. It delivers excellent traction on slippery surfaces and handles compact and loose snow as well as slush in the best way.

Yokohama also points to low rolling resistance of the new tire as well as its enhanced wear resistance. The tire’s rolling resistance was reduces by 10 per cent, which is done without compromising on its operational features. The tire’s traction was improved by 5 per cent, claims Yokohama in its press release.

The ZEN 903W tire features durable tread and a reinforced casing. The former reduces the amount of materials used for new tire production while the latter provides for the possibility to further retread the tire when the tread is significantly worn.

Yokohama ZEN 903W was designed to provide truck and van drivers with the real eco-friendly winter “footwear” for their vehicles.

Yokohama AVS S/T type-1 Summer Tire for SUVs

Yokohama AVS S/T type-1 ( V801 ) is a summer tire for sport utility vehicles. It delivers reliable handling on asphalted roads including high-speed driving while at the same time it provides for stable traction off the road.

The tire compound is molded into directional tread pattern with V-shaped lateral grooves. Such design makes the tire efficiently operate on various types of road surfaces so that you get superb dry and wet performance.  It also enhances steering precision while wide drainage grooves evacuate water from under the contact patch area. The letter ensures excellent protection from hydroplaning in foul weather.

The tire is also equipped with powerful lugs in shoulder areas to provide for a firm off-road grip while protecting the sidewalls from lateral damage. At the same time, such aggressive tread picture doesn’t deprive the tire from smooth and comfortable running on solid road surfaces.

On the inside, the AVS S/T type-1 tire is housed into a polyester cord body and features nylon cord to enhance driving stability as well as improve steering response.

Yokohama AVS S/T type-1 ( V801 ) combines excellent cross-country capabilities with sporty handling and reliable high-speed driving. It is available with W, V and H speed ratings.